What is python and why we use python ?

Python is a high level programming language and it is also a object oriented programming language which allow creation of object and member at run time of the program.
This language contains a huge library which make this language very easy to use . If you have ever code in any language it is super easy to learn it . It’s syntax writing are much simple to any other language like
C, JAVA , C++. The main syntax difference in python is that in other language like C, JAVA, C++ we use semicolon (;) in the last when we have to end that line but in python we just don’t use here. In python we don’t use braces instead of that  we use indentation .
Python include a variety of program like
Web Designing
Network Programming
Machine Learning
Artificial  Intelligence(AI)
Internet of things (I O T)
Scientific and Computational Applications:
Here are name of few things on internet today which is made up of python.
In Python you have a huge opportunity of making wonderful things .Things like Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things are becoming more popular day by day. In coming days Python will be every where in computer field. Library in function make python more richly language than other.Solving complex mathematical expression is super easy in python. Just import required library of your need and all set .
Graphics has it’s own limit in python. Just learn it and start coding in it and you will love this.

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