Sample Project Template

                                                        <Your University / Institute Logo>



                                <Your Degree Course Name fullform (Like BCA/B.Tech/MCA)>

                                                                     <Year of Batch>


                                                  <Project Title>



                                                                          <Your Name >

                                                                         <Your Roll No.>

                                                                     <Your Enrollment No.>


                                                      UNDER THE ESTEEMED GUIDANCE OF

                                                           < Your Mentor Name(Like Dr.Z)>


                                                                  Your Department Name

                                            Your Institute/Faculty Name, Your University Name

                                                          Location –Pin No., Country Name.


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You Just Introduce Objective of your Project in Brief  like given below you can understand see

<The objective of this project is to compress a  phantom image using convex iteration approach to achieve the result more fast. Although the basic problem is non convex we have changed it  into a convex problem. A direction vector is used which is also known as projection line using projection- slice theorm . This process is repeated and direction vector is being updated until the error is minimum and so the cardinality.>











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I am very grateful to my project guide Dr. Z for giving his valuable time and constructive guidance in preparing the Synopsis / Project.

It would not have been possible to complete this project in short period of time without his kind encouragement and valuable guidance.









Place:<Your Location>                                                                            Signature


<Name of the Student>

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Certificate of Originality



I hereby declare that the Project entitled Your Project Name” submitted to the Department Of Computer Science , Institute/University Name and Address  in partial fulfilment  for the award of the Degree of  MASTER/Bachelor  OF COMPUTER  APPLICATION   in session < like2010-2013> is an authentic record of my own work carried  out  under  the  guidance  of  Dr. Z and that the Project has not previously formed the basis for the award of any other degree.


Place:VARANASI                                                                        Signature of the candidate                              Date:……………..                                                                          (Name of Student)

(Roll No.)










This is to certify that the above statement made by the candidate is correct to the best of my knowledge.


             1.  Signature of Internal guide               2. Signature of External Guide
Name: Name:
Designation: Designation:


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Page No.

Abstract                                                                                                                   1

Acknowledgement                                                                                                   2

Certificate of Originality                                                                                          3

  1. Introduction                                                                                                     4

1.1. Motivation

1.2. About the Project

1.3. Objectives

  1. System Analysis

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Study of System Analysis

2.3. Input/ Output

  1. Feasibility Study

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Technical Feasibility

3.3. Operational Feasibility

3.4. Economical Feasibility

  1. Software Requirement Specifications 

4.1. Hardware Requirements

4.2. Software Requirements

4.3. Support Requirement


  1. System Designe
    5.1. Introduction5.2. SDLC(Software Development life cycle )5.3. E-R Diagram

    5.4. Data Flow Diagram

  2.  Source Code
  3.   Tables
  4.   Output Screens
  5. System Testing and Implementation

    9.1 Introduction To Testing

  6. Conclusion

11. Future Scope

12. References




List of Tables

<Your Tables Name>                                                                                                    <Page No.>





List of Figures

<Your Figure Name>                                                                                                    <Page No.>



<If Have then  Gives Abbreviation, Notations, and Definition of terms used>










Chapter 1


  1. Introduction


  • Motivation

<Convex iteration has been a topic for intense research in past few years. It has wide class of problems in engineering, mathematics , signal processing, speech recognition ,business and so on. Out of which cardinality problems are one of such important problems. They are of two types : either the objective function is of cardinality or the problem is cardinality constraint , i.e. constraint function is of cardinality minimization.

Moreover image compression has been a tool to make study easy as well as easy storage of data which have been so large in case of big images.>


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