Introducing Python

Python is an Object Oriented Language and supports the whole gamut of OOPs. Python is interpreted and it is interactive. Python programs can be written and executed in steps unlike the compiled languages like C.

Python supports very high level dynamic data types and has a very clear syntax. Python has dynamic typing. Python supports modules and has libraries that connect to many operating systems. Python is also portable and is supported on UNIX, Windows etc.

The support for data structures in Python is remarkable.
Python has built in support for lists, tuples, dictionaries, strings, sets, frozen sets etc. Python supports combining of different types of data structures. For example we can have lists of tuples, tuples of lists, and tuples of tuples, etc.


Where is Python used?
Python is used in Web Development. It is used in platforms such as DJango, and Pyramid. In partial frameworks like Flask and Bottle. Advanced Content Management System like Plone and django CMS.
Python is widely used in numeric and scientific programming.
Python is widely used in Education. It is used for developing Desktop GUI applications, ERP and E Commerce applications are made in Python.

Python can be used for Android Development as well.

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