How to start with plugin in wordpress?

Plugin-A plugin in WordPress is a reusable component which can be attached to a WordPress installation to give it extra functionality. Plugin  are made up of PHP language.
Let’s how to install a simple plugin :-  Goto the plugins directory under the WordPress installation and create a directory which name will always equal to name of plugin.For example if you put name of directory is Abhay then plugin name will be Abhay.php
Creat a plugin with simple code
Plugin Name: Abhay
Description: This a test Plugin
Author: Abhay
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
Version: 1.0
License: GPLv2

After saving this code open your wordpress website and click on plugin options. There you will see three option
1.Installed Plugin
2. Add new

Click on Add new option and browse your own plugin.After installation done go to option of installed plugin and activate it their.

Here is a screen shot that how to how to go to save php file wwwdirectory

After here open your website admin panel and follow the step for  installing plugin 

When you complete your installation process your installed plugin look like this :





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