How to create a new project on Android.

Hey! everyone today we are going to known something about one of the most widely used operating System i.e Android.In this post we are going to learn how to create a new project ,Before making project we must have to known something about Android.  

About Android:-
Android is a mobile operating system developed by the Google.Now a days it become one of the most widely used mobile operating system.Android provide us more flexibilities than other languages,it is totally based on the java programming language.In this post  we will learn how to make a new project on android application so here we go. . .

For making a new project we have to go to the file menu and click on the new project After completion of installation process of Android studio 2.3 or 3.0 . After that new project dialogue box is appears on screen i.e:-

In this we have to give a name to our application i.e apps name,In this project we provide calculation as an example just bellow the application name second space is provided for the company domain name it is the name of your package ,it is the important portion because from this name only compiler will identify your apps and will provide the updates to the users later.After filling of this page you have to click on the next button given bellow.After clicking on next button a next box will appear on your screen i.e is for target android device which is shown bellow.

It tells you the minimum percentage of devices on which your application will  run it is more supportable to use it at lower level of OS so that a maximum no. of devices is available which will support your application,but you have to kept it in your mind that if you are using it at lower level of OS than your system  will provide you the less options but it is good to use it at lower level, after completion of this we have to click on next option,after clicking on next a new box of add on mobile activity will appears  i.e:-

On this we have to select the types of activity we want to do to make a new project or application it is best to take the empty Activity.
After selecting the Activity we have to click on next button,a new box of  customize the activity will appears on your screen i.e:-

In this portion we can change the name of the activity it is also the name of your class as well,but it is the best to name it as given i.e main activity it will automatically provide the name for our layout as in this application it is given a name i.e activity_main.After all this we have to click on finish option.Now we successfully made a new application of name i.e calculation. After all this our main activity portion is appears on our screen from where we can code and design the layout of our application which is as follow:-

After all this we  can code for our application in main activity portion after completion we have to build the apk from the menu Build:-

After building,A message is shown bellow i.e our application is successfully build apk or not if it made successfully than we have to locate it on the mobile or tablets by sharing via bluetooth,shareit or any other means of sharing.

It shows that our application build  apk successfully.After this we can share it by clicking on Show in Explorer i.e:-

This box is appeared after clicking on Show in Explorer from here we can share it by doing right click on app-debug.apk.

So here we are,our first project is successfully made.
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