What is python and why we use python ?

What is python and why we use python ?Python is a high level programming language and it is also a object oriented programming language which allow creation of object and member at run time of the program.

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Understanding numeric python (numpy) with small examples

This article will help you to understand the basic function of numpy programming and some use of numpy library.
You will surely get a idea that how to use numpy with your program .

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How to make tic tac toe game with Computer moves in python ?

This program make for fun and based on logical programming skill. Here we make a game that name is Tick Tack Toi. In this game only two player play at a time or one player play with computer. player1 = 1 and player2 = 2 this is move(symbol) assign for players. Now we are discus all about all function that are use in this Program.
1. def printBoard():
this function use for print a Tick Tack Toi Board
2.def gameStatus():
this function check the current game status if player1 put the move in board then is return 1 and when player2 the put move on board return 2
and count blocked line for free space if there all 8 possibility complete than game over.
3. def readmove(playername):
in this function we check move is valid or not if move is not valid than send a message on output screen for again putting the right input position
4. def computerMove():
in this function we define the random move for computer that move between 1 to 3 and return than value in form of x and y.

At last we call all functions and print the board after every move.

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